Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Poem. Sean O'Brien reads from November

Happy new year everyone. I hope 
that you like the new look.

More poems at Tuesday Poem.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tuesday Poem 2013

I think I might have cracked some of the problems besetting the blog.  I want the Tuesday Poem logo to appear on Notebook as I'm going to be part of the blog group this year.  My first poem of the year will appear next Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Notebook: under review

I’m fiddling with the blog because Blogger has without warning limited the number of posts that can appear on my main page—I think that I have too many youtube clips or perhaps it is the veritable age of the blog and the bulk of info here, but for whatever unannounced reason the blog has ‘shrunk’: three items is the maximum items to appear on the front.  I've updated the template and I’m also playing around with dynamic views—with dynamic views you can have as many items as you want displayed on the page.  The problem is sometimes I see nothing when I use dynamic views: Notebook just disappears! What I’m noticing is the loss of screen ‘real estate’ as the thumbnails of my books are no longer displayed, nor is the Tuesday Poem logo.

I will continue to try to solve the 'skinny front page' problem. There are three solutions: 1) I am able to regain control of the design and appearance of my blog on Blogger; 2) I cease blogging on Notebook and begin a new blog with a link from Notebook to a new blog; 3) I stop blogging althogether, perhaps archive all my content on Notebook and delete the entire blog.

I'm working through these options.  If you know of any easy solution to my design woes then please let me know.  I've waited a week before posting this as I've found that sometimes solutions are easy to find. I do feel a little frustrated that my blog is suddenly doing what I dont want it to do.  It's rude. Notebook has been running since 2005 and I've only felt frustations since the last updates--is it time to move on?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Few Inches of Fringe

A message from Fringe Festival organiser, Ania Upstill:

Date: Sunday February 23 from Noon - 4PM. 19 Tory Street.

We are looking for short performance pieces with minimal set/tech for a day of performances during the 2013 Fringe Festival (February 23rd). We want to expand the Fringe to people who might not have a long piece, but are passionate about their work and want a chance to perform! We welcome a diverse range of applicants, from actors and musicians to poets, dancers, rappers, fire swallowers and all other performers!

The event will be free and is intended to give performers the chance to share a short work in front of an audience. So if you have a short piece (5 - 20 minutes) that you would like to put in front of an audience, please email us at anotherfewinches@gmail.com with a short description of your proposal. 

Join the fun!

I'll be reading some poems at this event and I'll provide more details once I've worked them all out!  I'm pleased to be a part of the Fringe. Cool start to the year (and I have not even blogged about the guy who smashed into my car in Waipawa as I was on my way, with Latika and Taran, to our holiday in Gisbourne. Nobody was injured, including the young uninsured clown who failed to give way, and so for that I count myself lucky).

Friday, January 04, 2013


Ah comic books, graphic novels, whatever you want to call them  . . . like poetry, I can’t stop reading them.  Daniel  Clowes’ Pussey!  is a lot more lightweight than the darker aspects of his books Wilson and The Ray Gun.  This fictional biography of a minor illustrator and comic writer works as both a satire of ‘comic book culture’ and a homage.  Clowes’ drawings convey a kind of eerie loneliness; his maverick male anti-heroes with their singular purpose and bizarre artistic commitments, tread the earth alone.