Monday, December 10, 2012

Tuesday Poem: The Heavy Bear Who Goes with Me. Delmore Schwartz

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Tim Jones said...

I have to apologise in advance for this being a somewhat trivial comment - but my first reaction on seeing this was, "so Delmore Schwartz is a real person!"

I knew of him only from the Velvet Underground song title "European Son to Delmore Schwartz", but hadn't realised that he was a real person. Many apologies, Delmore, and many thanks, Harvey!

Harvey Molloy said...

Hi Tim. I had heard of Delmore before but I read about him this week in a biography of Lour Reed which I'm reading. (I'll blog about this book later.) Reed and Delmore were buddies before the formation of VU; Reed started off as an aspiring writer. Delmore died in his early 50s from addiction related illnesses.