Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This week I edited the Tuesday Poem blog and posted 'When we watched movie' by Tim Upperton. Pop over and have a read

So I was on Fbook and seeing Chip Delany (see how I call him 'Chip' as if I know him?) I hit Chat and say: "Dear Chip. Was Dhalgren's typography 'co-emergent' with Derrida's experimentation in Glas? I just have to ask! I'm re-reading Dhalgren again. Thank you!" To which he does not reply (and who could blame him? Jeez. Memo to self: only use chat with family.)

I'm re-reading Samuel Delany's still wonderful Dhalgren.  Here's an interesting clip I found on You Tube:

 From Bellona, Destroyer of Cities (after Delany's Dhalgren) adapted and directed by Jay Scheib.

Hey, this is Kid and Mrs RichardsHey!, how many times does 'Hey!' appear in Dhalgren?

The way Kid reads her poem invites a reading of the prose notebook entries at the end of many of the novel's chapters.  These could be read as prose poems--perhaps even the poems of 'Brass Orchids' a collection from which we never read a poem.  I thought that the idea was that we imagined Kid's poem for ourselves.

In the above clip Natalie Thomas plays Mrs Richards. I wish I could have seen this production! I do see Mrs Richards's mania in this routine and something in Thomas's hands, the nervous agitation within the dance, strikes a chord. It's so different from the novel.

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