Monday, August 16, 2010

Tuesday Poem: The Darkness. Jack Ross

The Darkness

My father had a plan to float down
part of the Waikato River
on a lilo
through the darkened canyons
seeing things
that you could never see
from up above

The plan was for my mother
(They were newly courting
not yet married
Junior Hospital
House Surgeons
in Hamilton)
to let him off at one reserve

then drive downriver
& pick him up
at the other end
She drove downstream
& waited
for hours
(it seemed)

She worried that he might have fallen off
The airbed gotten tangled at a bend
When he finally floated
out of the darkness
he was soaked to the skin
chilled to the bone
‘I don’t remember anything about it”

“No, but I do,” she says to him

Jack blogs at
The imaginary museum.

There's more information about Jack at the NZ Book Council.

Thanks to Jack for this poem. More Tuesday poems at Tuesday Poem.


lillyanne said...

I love this! It's deceptively flat in tone but it carries a heavy freight of references - rather like the lilo itself. Thanks for this, Harvey!


AJ Ponder said...

having had similar kyaking experiences this really resonated. I particularly liked the ending.

Tim Jones said...

I like this too. I think (rightly or wrongly) of Jack as a formidably intellectual poet, so I enjoyed the anecdotal tone and dry humour of this poem all the more.