Sunday, August 12, 2007

Walk two moons

Last night I finished Sharon Creech's excellent Walk Two Moons which won the Newberry Medal and the Children's Book award in 1995.

The characters in the novel are vivid and original. Phoebe and Salamander, like the reader, aren't quite sure what's happening around them in the adult world. Salamander and her grandparents are brilliant characters: they are both 'American Indian' (Salamander doesn't like 'Native American') and as Southern as Kentucky bourbon. I love the complexity of the novel, the way Creech doesn't settle for simple identities because her characters will not fit into such small boxes. The story and its telling reminded me a little of To Kill A Mockingbird. Oh, and the typography and cover design of the Macmillan edition is a treat.

I've also really enjoyed looking through Matthew Robertson's Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album. Every item of the Factory catalogue is here from the Factory Club poster (FAC1) to Fac 421. And Tony Wilson's brief introduction has all his fair, wit and brevity.

The Guardian tells me Charles Simic has been chosen as the next US poet laureate.

And tomorrow Sam Sampson's at the poetry café.

Images from Amazon books and Chronicle books respectively.

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