Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nebula Award 2007

The Nebula Awards for 2007 and Jack McDevitt's Seeker has won. I guess McDevitt deserves an award but I'm not sure that Seeker is really what I consider a Nebula novel. A Nebula has a wider significance or at least engagement with society. I greatly respect McDevitt's talent as a storyteller and I've enjoyed many of his yarns. But I don't see Seeker as a significant novel and as I go along with other critics I've read online who see the novel as a variation of one of McDevitt's core storylines. (Not that there's anything wrong, as any Phil Dick fan will tell you, with retelling versions of the same story. But PKD did touch on the 'big themes' which I just don't find in McDevitt's well-crafted and compelling space opera.)

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