Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hicksville. Dylan Horrocks

Going my way?

I ended up buying the Jarvis CD as well as a copy of one of my favourite albums of the summer of 1983, John Coltrane’s Sun Ship (recorded back in ’65). Yesterday we took a stack of our CDs in to Real Groovy at the top of
Cuba St. and asked for exchange value. I like Jarvis’ titles—is ‘Heavy Weather’ a reference to Bruce Sterling’s SF novel of the same name? The rest of the day was spent trying not to think about my sore front tooth, still smarting after the root canal ( yea, I’m a baby), cooking cannelloni and finishing Dylan Horrocks's great NZ comic book epic Hicksville: a comic about researching the history of comic books and thinking about the relationship between art and commerce. It’s a beautifully drawn, interesting comic. Today I’m writing assessments, grading, dipping into a biography of Lowell and polishing up a poem called ‘The referee.’ Trawling the web this morning, I found information of the posthumous Tolkien book The Children of Hurin, illustrated by Alan Lee.

Illustration by Dylan Horrocks.

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