Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Falling Angels. Colin Thompson.

I read this to my son Taran in the Karori library and we spent ages looking at many of the superb, surreal drawings in this book that combine the strange with the familiar: a bridge over a river is supported by a sneaker, a bedroom carpet is actually an inland sea, etc. Sally has been flying since she was a small child—it’s nothing strange to her or her grandmother…in this world imagination reigns over all. This is a delight and I’ll be reading other books by Colin Thompson.

I’ve just visited the New Zealand Poetry Society website to see the winners of this year’s New Zealand International Poetry Competition.

And the winners are

John O'Connor of Christchurch won the open section with his poem Mother and Child, second Tom Dowling from Ireland with How Worlds Collapse and third Tim Upperton of Palmerston North with The Starlings.

Emily Adlam of Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland won the junior open section with Phobia, second Kirsti Whalen of Epson Girls' Grammar with Beside Her Window and third Maria English of Samuel Marsden Collegiate with Falling Short.

John O'Connor of Christchurch won the haiku section with wax-eye, second Jeanette Stace of Wellington with emptying the mousetrap, third John O'Connor with the creak, fourth André Surridge of Hamilton with Christmas dinner and fifth Nola Borrell of Lower Hutt with exhibit.

Sophia Frentz of Tauranga Girls’ College won the junior haiku with empty house, second Shenan Stanton of St Andrew’s College, Christchurch with for a day, third James Popu of Wellington College with dark alley, and fourth equal went to Shenan Stanton with one cover and to Alice McIntyre of Ilam School, Christchurch with brick.

Congratulations to all winners

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