Saturday, September 23, 2006

David Eggleton at Poetry Café

Today's poem is Musée des Beaux Arts by W. H. Auden.
I love Seamus Heaney but I'm finding Circle and District hard going.
Welcome Cicilie who is currently in Paris.
Today is the first day of my two week holiday.

And now, the notices...

Poetry Café meets every second
Monday of the month. 7:30pm

(except January & December)

Poetry Cafe is back.
@ the Cruz Cafe & Bar

The gods of weather and liquor licensing kept David Eggleton from appearing in June, but we look forward to the return of the Great Kiwi Ranter in October......

· Entry is Free ·

7:30 October 9: David Eggleton

David Eggleton is a Dunedin-based poet, writer and critic. He has published five collections of poems. ...... MORE

Dinah Hawken

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